Galaxy Defender Elite 3D space shooter is a an arcade style 3D game. If you are a big fan of space arcade games and fighting alien swarms then Galaxy Defender is the perfect game for you.

A classic game with a new setting: Galaxy Defender Elite 3D sets you on fire with intense space combat. You will face a lot of evil enemies and deal with many unique bosses in Galaxy Defender Elite 3D. Will you be able to survive fighting swarms of evil space aliens? Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect humanity from the evil alien swarms.

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Looks really well! Gameplay is just a bit boring though. I selected the 4th ship right from the start and it was just way too easy to just shoot everything. Difficulty doesn't really increase either and the levels are reeeaallly long. But, all in all, had a good with your game :)


Thank you for feedback! We will put this on our to do list. Very good game info, thank you!

honestly its a pretty good game, i only wish that sound controls worked for the menu and that some text in level select didnt overlap-besides that its really good

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Thanks for playing our game, we really appreciate it! And thank you for your feedback! We noticed that it happens sometimes, and are looking into it (menu sound controls).